YOGA THERAPY& Niasziih bodywork

This work promotes connection and contact within the body. Aiming to heal the persistent beliefs and patterning that our body systems coalesce around. By choosing this work you are creating an intimate embodied dialogue that transforms.

Care During

Having a resilient nervous system, while generating a flexible and adaptive response across all the systems within us  allows for the  potential  to manage the

stressful time we are living in. 

Sessions can be in person,

or via zoom

Yoga that is flowing & restoring
Meditation that nourishes

Tuesday Meditation 8-8:30am

Wednesday Evenings: 6-7:15pm

Saturday Mornings: 8:30-10am



Mindful Leadership

due to the pandemic this workshop is only available via zoom or for a small group 


 This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to access your well-resourced self in situations which call for your leadership, and how to be more effective at work and at home.


This engaging and insightful session will focus on the combination of two skills:

emotional intelligence and mindfulness.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is having the awareness of, and the ability to, choose how to respond to different and sometimes challenging contexts. No matter if a person has positional leadership or is in a place to influence others, understanding EQ will increase your effectiveness.


Mindfulness is the practice of presence. It is a cultivation of your awareness

to bring attention and intention to both the inside and the outside of you.

As a leader, mindfulness helps you cultivate the presence you want in given situations and allows you to have choice in your actions and reactions.

Date for an open enrollment TBD


The land is speaking...

Are you listening?


We are in unprecedented times.  Exciting times. 

We are in a time that asks so much of each of us.

A time that is flooding us with information, possibility and deep learning. 

What is our capacity to

receive and respond to all of this? 

What do we

hold onto and how

do we find ourselves in all of this?


A five day workshop, more details coming soon 


How would it be for you to come even more fully into your own body, amidst all of this mystery, this wild possibility?

Leading In & Up

due to the pandemic this workshop is on hold

A high element and somatic day at the challenge course. This is an opportunity to delve into the self and harnessing the power of your inner resources that enables you to take risk,

thrive and reach for new heights.

This workshop will take place outside at Cornell's high challenge course, we will spend the morning with postures, breathing and other somatic exercises that will prepare the bodymind for the

adventure of the high ropes in the afternoon.

This workshop will be co-lead by Carol & Amy Kohut of



How do you unlock the woven fibers of our being? 

The ones that have tightened around our habits

The ones that hold us tight into ourselves.

Carol has instructed Yoga for over 30 years.

She brings to the mat a combination of yoga, meditation, philosophy, breath work and earth-based healing skills. 

"I am inspired to surface the invisible & intimate dialogue of our our bodies" 

At Yoga Journeys, she offers yoga classes, in-depth workshops, and one-on-one healing sessions based in the Yoga Therapy and wildernessFusion methodologies.​


Carol's yoga classes focus on flow, breath work, and meditation, and provide a powerful learning environment informed both by the ancient texts and the needs of our body-mind in this day and age. With excellent attention to alignment and an ability to be present in each moment, Carol delights in teaching!

our office building is a former barn
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with views into the Brooktondale Valley

Our spacious welcoming office provides a refuge to be in the intimate dialogue with yourself








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